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PVC Windows

Janela Aberta provides a personalized consultancy service to help you make your design a reality.

As windows are a key barrier to the outside, it is of the utmost importance that the right materials are chosen, perfectly combining quality, comfort and design.

Our APCER – ISO 9001 certification and vast experience in our business sector ensure that any customer who relies on Janela Aberta can expect the highest standards of quality.

We offer our customers the S8000 series made by German brand Gealan.

PVC windows built in a way that perfectly harmonizes colour, form, and material, adding timeless style and elegance to any building. 

The S8000 series has excellent thermal and acoustic performance, raising the value of your property, improving comfort, and producing savings in your energy bills.

The series comprises a PVC profile 74 mm wide and a six-chamber system, resulting in a thermal insulation coefficient (up to Uf = 1.2W/(m2 K) and an acoustic reduction of up to 47 dB.

The GEALAN brand stands out from the competition also due to its innovative acrycolour system, which ensures that colours last longer.

GEALAN’s S8000 IQ series windows have been given PassivHaus international certification due to their use of IKD (intensive core insulation) and STV (static dry glazing) technology.

Depending on the type of double glazing used, windows can be made with an even more efficient U-value.

All our products carry a six-year warranty.